Social Media Monitoring

Social Media monitoring, also called Social Listening, is an essential process in many companies and organisations across marketing, PR, healthcare, financial services, market research and media industries. In fact, it is difficult to think of a domain or industry where it is not important to know what people say, think, love, and hate.

Since 1998 social media has taken hold with nearly a quarter of the global population using it in one variety or another. Revolutions are organised through it, elections are canvassed across it, stock prices are driven by it. The use of social media, internet forums, personal blogs and digitised traditional newspapers is rapidly replacing diaries, helplines, surveys and printed broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. Anyone with access to the internet is a journalist and publishing their thoughts, likes, dislikes to the world can be done at the click of a button. Where there used to be a lag between writing an article, editing, publishing and distribution, content can now be published instantly and be globally available. People who previously would not have written a letter of complaint, telephoned a customer feedback line or spoken to a market researcher in the street can now voice their dislikes with more ease in real-time. Social media encourages and facilitates a better outlet to talk about the subjects they love, the brands they like and the influences they follow.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social networks are vital sources of information that can reveal public opinions. Many people are informed and influenced by fast-spreading opinions in Social Media which, due to its ever-increasing size and global reach, is simply beyond old-fashioned manual monitoring, analysis, and interpretation approaches. Only truly large-scale automated monitoring tools are able to tap onto this goldmine of information.


TheySay’s Social Media monitoring platform is called MoodRaker. The platform monitors multiple data sources and channels (Twitter, Facebook, news, digital media, amongst others) and uses a rich real-time dashboard to track, compare, summarise, and make sense of public opinions, moods, and feelings at a truly vast scale beyond what any single human would be able to read and digest.

MoodRaker allows you to keep track of what people say about any topic across Social Media and news networks. The KPIs and metrics that MoodRaker generates cover sentiment, sarcasm, emotion, mood, speculation, risk, intent, gender, humour, and many other signals that you can combine with your own data.

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