Sentiment Analysis API

TheySay’s real-time Sentiment Analysis API gives you access to a state-of-the-art sentiment analysis algorithm through a scalable and secure RESTful API service.

Our analysis is powered by a hybrid Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that runs highly sophisticated linguistic algorithms and Machine Learning classifiers. The engine is wrapped in a platform-agnostic REST API service that enables your software applications, workflows, and services to receive rich TheySay JSON metadata with minimal integration work.

Our API service is called PreCeive and is available for a 30-day free trial.

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Please visit our API demo site at to see how our text analytics API analyses your text or send HTTP GET and POST requests to the service using one of our Open Source clients listed below.

Free API Demo

Try out our free text analytics api at

Open Source API Clients

We offer a number of Open Source API clients which include:

• C#
• Java
• NodeJS
• Python
• Ruby
• R
• Scala

You’ll find these and more in our GitHub repository at

PreCeive Batch Client

We also released an Open Source batch client to allow you to analyse your text from an Excel, OpenOffice or OpenDocument spreadsheet or just a bunch of Twitter data

API Documentation

To find out more about the various end points and options offered by the API, our detailed API documentation can be browsed at