PreCeive API

You have tonnes of raw text data.
We enrich it and reveal all its hidden insights.
Plug and play.


Intelligent analysis on every level

A plug-and-play solution, PreCeive API addresses the main technical hurdle with text analytics – how to tap into the goldmine of information in text data without having to embark on a very long and expensive engineering project.

Our scalable, platform-agnostic, and secure real-time RESTful service shields you from all the computational complexity and heavy resource demands behind serious, beyond-state-of-the-art text analytics technology, freeing you up to focus on your core business, domain expertise, and interpretation.

Your software applications, workflows, and continuous services can be empowered with our rich human signals with minimal integration or maintenance work.

What our customers say:

“Using PreCeive, we’re able to offer clients access to a world of information with Housing Providers around consumer feeling, mood and emotion. This data is utilised to assess business operations and performance for surveys, reviews and experiences based on tenant feedback.

Our clients want meaningful data, beautifully prepared and that’s simple to understand. With TheySay, we get real experts supporting us, who have shaped our offering in to market leading software.”

Cheryl Hamilton | Rate+Review