What are people saying about you – right now?
Discover the real value and impact behind
every tweet, review, remark, and online talking point.


Opinions, streamed to you

Each comment about you, your product, your brand, or your organisation presents an opportunity – or a potential problem.

Use our instant data streams to track, compare, summarise, and make sense of public opinions, moods, and feelings.

With MoodRaker, you can sieve through rich opinion intelligence at a truly vast scale, beyond what any single human would be able to read, digest, and react to.

What our customers say:

“TheySay provide a fantastic service to LHM in its drive to shape the way Health and Social Care data is gathered and shared. Their support and quality of analysis has been a key component in why our Patient Experience systems have been utilised via our systems throughout the UK with the biggest organisations in Health, they’ve been there every step of the way.

With TheySay, we have the leading minds in linguistics working with us, all working to enhance our product offering through their powerful monitoring services, offering real-time, powerful and meaningful insight for clients that have never experienced signals with this type of speed and quality before.”

Ian Hughes | LHM

“In a nutshell, TheySay could deliver what we needed. Their offering is able to analyse the relevant feed data, provide accurate sentiment analysis and do it real time. They are easy to work with and they understand the space we operate in. Their technology allows us to integrate rather than embed, which in turn gives us the ability to scale many clients on the same platform globally.”

Martyn Arbon | Investis