For every known there are countless unknowns.
Harness large-scale connected data to learn what shapes your business.
Facts, opinions, and everything in between.


Deeper questions deserve deeper answers

Emotions, feelings, and opinions have a direct impact on you and your business. When comments about you evolve and spread through large social and other networks, it is practically impossible to make sense of complex connections and links between you and everything else.

Our unique emotional intelligence discovery technology captures and visualises hidden connections and opinion undercurrents in comments and talking points about you.

When conventional search engines run out of steam, Evamind shows the way.


What our customers say:

“Evamind is a really exciting demonstration of what TheySay can do with their technology.”
“With Google, you need to know what you want before you search.”
“Wonderful, what can’t you do with this?!”
“Exciting times! Evamind will change the world!”
“This is awesome, bloody hell!”