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Big Data

Documentary about the societal impact of Big Data,
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Business Users

If you need to know what consumers are really thinking about your brand or a particular topic, TheySay’s technology can help you quickly determine the real sentiment behind what people are saying. No linguistic or technical expertise are necessary to understand our simple and clear interface. If you want to know what they are really saying you need TheySay.


TheySay can be integrated into your existing CRM or Social Media monitoring  platforms and workflows easily and quickly to give you best-in-class text and sentiment analytics. TheySay can also provide data visualisation of deep insights into sentiment through a dashboard delivered through your browser or mobile device.



Our Products

TheySay’s core technology is a hybrid engine with highly sophisticated linguistic algorithms, combined with Machine Learning which underpins TheySay’s two principal offerings. The core technology is wrapped in a modern platform-agnostic REST API service which allows other software applications to be integrated in minutes. This API product is called PreCeive and is available for 30-day free trial. The Social Media monitoring platform is called MoodRaker and uses Twitter and other data sources which are visualised with a rich real-time dashboard.

PreCeive API

Analysis as a Service

For users with the capabilities to submit their own texts for analysis and consume the responses, we offer our analysis as a service. The API is a flexible REST service which offers direct access to the extraordinary capabilities of the core analysis engine.

 • Intelligent subjective content tagging: sentiment, intent, speculation, risk, and more
 • Analysis at multiple levels: documents, sentences, entities, and more
 • Full linguistic analysis (deep NLP)

Once tagged with the rich metadata returned by the service, you can aggregate, filter, rank, search and further analyse your texts in numerous different ways to yield highly focused insights.

Analysis that Suits You

Different users working in different scenarios require subtly different forms and levels of analysis. The granular nature of the TheySay approach allows completely open-ended scope for customisation.

Build and maintain your own specific rules and resources for topic classification and taxonomic categorisation
Build accurate machine learning classifiers
Adjust sentiment scores to suit your domain
And much more…

Custom resources can be applied to a single account, and the customisations remain the property of the customer, allowing them to maintain domain expertise and ownership whilst leveraging TheySay’s analytical capabilities.


The Packages

Our packages offer you a flexible and affordable way for you to get just what you need out of our smart analytics tools. To find out more about costs and starting your account with TheySay, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s start the conversation.

N.B. a single request can be, for instance, a Tweet, an email, a blog, or a news article that is sent to the PreCeive API for analysis.

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MoodRaker Social Media Monitoring




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Real-time Social Sentiment

For users who want to monitor sentiment expressed out there on the Web, we have developed MoodRaker. Moodraker is a real-time, event-driven sentiment monitoring platform which:

 • Monitors specific keywords in data streams and firehoses such as Twitter and RSS feeds
 • Integrates with both dynamic source streams and firehoses as well as static data repositories
 • Filters out irrelevant content in raw data streams to yield more relevant and focused information
 • Creates powerful insight streams from our deep analysis, with the ability to store selected analyses
 • Provides a browser-based dashboard to visualise insight streams and events, and to discover correlations
 • Creates automatic reports that summarise insight streams, events, and recorded analyses
 • Provides REST service end points for painless integration with customers’ existing systems


Becoming a Partner

Leading providers of solutions into markets such as Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail Analytics are turning to TheySay to help them enrich and add value to their current offerings. By adding Sentiment Analytics to health services, consumer survey feedback, stock price action data, and retail transaction and buying patterns, solutions providers are giving a greater holistic data analysis service to their consumers, clients, and customers.

Those vital signals from fast-moving social data can be surfaced in other applications as a seamless part of another application or as a widget. If you think we can add value to your application, we have flexible partner agreements that can map on to your own commercial models.