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Aptean, Inc.

We specialise in Emotional AI and advanced data analytics to stream, interpret, and bring together opinions, moods, and feelings across the Web.

We reveal what they say about you and what your emotional footprint is.


Elastic intelligence

Opinions and feelings about you are intricate, far-reaching, and ever-changing.

So why distort the picture with blunt, simplistic analytics?

Take advantage of our intelligent and adaptable text analytics services to detect hidden signals, adopt different points of view, separate fact from fiction, and see how your reputation is actually shaped.


Track with MoodRaker

We designed MoodRaker to help you make instant sense of every troublesome tweet, juicy customer review, and poignant comment in social media. This intuitive opinion streaming platform enables you to effortlessly review and stay up to date with the ever-changing sea of opinions.

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Enrich with PreCeive

All the text data that you have amassed has the seeds to yield profound intelligence for your business.

PreCeive API, our high-throughput text analytics API, is a plug-and-play data analysis and enrichment service that brings cold, raw text data to life.

Send your data to PreCeive, and we transform it into a rich array of human signals and emotion intelligence in an instant.

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Human data for human businesses

Led by a love of language and Artificial Intelligence, we’re founded by leading minds in the fields of Text Analytics and Computational Linguistics from the University of Oxford.

We are driven passionately by the technological challenge of transforming raw, cold machine data to rich, human intelligence to optimise and empower businesses.

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